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Mediterranean Magic

A whole new world awaits you, Fiestas, fabulous food and, the awe inspiring Flamenco! Everything Spain travel has to offer, something for everyone.

Even the most seasoned traveller will find something new and stimulating in this country. The fantastic Mediterranean climate, the culture, the cuisine.

A magical place, where you too can enter and feel the enchantment. Spanish life is about good friends, and enjoying the simple, but enlightening things in life. Participation is the key, to truly enjoy the Spanish experience.

Coast to Coast

Everybody knows, Spain has some beautiful coastline, long white beaches, rocky coves, and fabulous marinas.

But Spain has much more to offer, having some of the most fascinating cities in Europe, where new experiences await. Ancient Cities, steeped in history and tradition, too often missed by many of those who travel to Spain.

Passionate Sevilla! The beat of flamenco and the aroma of orange blossom, Sevilla is the pride and joy of Spain. Famous cities, from North to South, East to West, Barcelona, Girona, Valencia. Coast to coast opportunities, to gain some wonderful, and memorable experiences. That’s what’s on offer with Spain Travel.

The Real City of Madrid

The Spanish capital, Madrid, is bursting with life, traditional and modern. A place where the old receives and accepts the new, with ease. The Royal Palace and Theatre, the Prado Museum and, internationally renowned, Madrid Archaeological Museum, all sit well amongst the cities newer, and modern infrastructure.

Discover the heritage and what it really feels like to be in the heart of Spain. Las Ventas, in Madrid, is the largest bullring in the whole of Spain, seen as the bull fighting centre of the world. Nearly twenty-five thousand spectators will pack the arena, at any one time, through from March to October.

Cordoba Mezquita

Out of season, Las Ventas becomes the venue for some great concerts and other entertainment events. No matter when you travel to Spain, something is always happening in Madrid!

Cordoba-Roman Bridge

Real Spain, Real Travel

Discovering new cities can be great fun, whether you prefer to go alone, with a friend or partner, or in a group. All you have to do is look around, Spain travel has something to suit everybody, no matter their preferences.

With the right guidance and incentive, new doors can be opened. You can go to places, gain unique experiences and insight into what Spain is really about.

It’s history, it’s people, and enjoy the amazing scenery and coastline this country has to offer.


Sagrada Familia

A Guiding Hand

There are those who can make access easier, to everything these cities have to offer. Insider’s who have gotten to know a city, inside out. No need to wander through the guidebooks and streets. There are guides who can give informed tours of a museum or gallery.

Or find you a table at a great local restaurant, with great music, Flamenco, or introduce you to an artist. Experience places where visitors rarely go, and real Spain truly live on. Travel Spain, like an expert.

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